Disney Infinity 4.0 Has Been Cancelled?

Disney Infinity has been canceled and now we have known the first details of what was going to be Disney Infinity 4.0. The fourth title of the franchise presented several novelties that we detail in the following news.

The cancellation of Disney infinity and the closing of Avalanche Software has caught us all by surprise, even the developers of Disney’s own game of figures. A few days ago, the popular video game series said goodbye to the fans and is something that strikes us if we consider that its managers already worked on Disney Infinity 4.0 .

Two sources very close to the project, who have preferred to remain anonymous, have made statements in the Kotaku media and have unveiled new details of the future Disney Infinity 4.0 that was intended to be a revolution in the game of figures.Among the novelties was working on a new story mode and a special series of larger figures. The fourth game in the Disney Infinity series was due out in 2017.

These sources say developers were planning numerous packs for Disney Infinity 4.0with a variety of new adventures, including one about Rogue One: A Star Wars storyline in the fall to coincide with the release of the movie. Other universes would allude to such films as Thor: Ragnarok, Coco, Cars 3, Galaxy Guardians Vol. 2, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Stories or Star Wars: Episode VIII.

As was the case with Disney Infinity 2.0 and Disney Infinity 3.0, Studio Gobo and Ninja Theory were involved in the development of the new franchise title. In the case of the first, was developing a play set on Moana and in the case of the second, they were in charge of moving the adventures of Rogue One: A Star Wars story to our consoles.

Another plan for Disney Infinity 4.0 was to create a new story mode that would bring together characters from Disney, Marvel and Star Wars, something that fans of the game of figures had long claimed. In addition, the Toy Box mode would have its own story mode. Disney Infinity makers were  preparing a series of larger 12-inch figuresof some of their most popular characters: Buzz Lightyear, Elsa, Hulk, Hulkbuster, Jack Skeleton and Darth Vader , among others. These figures had lights and special content for the game. Its price would be around 45 $

Source: Hobbyconsolas