How To Download You TV Player App?

In the new version of You TV Player we find a drastically improved application for Android operating systems in versions You Play Player or You Player Pro . It also offers a lot of playback options and improves the stability of the same application, so you can watch TV from your smartphone or tablet.

This app is not available in the Play Store of the Android operating system , so we recommend you download You TV Player online app from the following link, or from alternative stores.

To install the new version of the application you must start by deleting the data and the cache of the old versions, done this and once it has been completely eliminated the version you will have the possibility to install version 8.6.1 without any problem .

Know how to download the new version of You TV Player in your

You TV Player Important Information

Before starting the installation you should enable the option of unknown sources, you should not worry, this is a safe application , however sometimes it can be a bit annoying because of the amount of advertising that offers us, but remember that it is a free app.

You TV Player gives us live channels, documentaries, movies, cartoons, sporting events, TV shows and shows in the comfort of our hand. You can view it from the mobile device or even through a Smart TV without problem, as the new version even supports the Chromecast .

You can also download the contents of the application to the device, if you want to take it on a flight or somewhere where you do not have access to the internet.

Know how to download the new version of You TV Player in your

You must keep in mind certain points:

1-. Before downloading the application, remember to free up some space onthe mobile device, to prevent any files from being overwritten.

2-. It is a completely secure application, but you must be careful with the Ads you have, however with the use of an application that patches or removes them you will have no problems.

3-. It is always recommended that our smartphone have an antivirus installed, as this will help us with the protection of our device.

4-. Remember that it is important that you delete the downloaded content once you have seen it, so you will have space available for other downloads.

Special Recommendation: Remember to download the application in .APK format from a reliable web page, thus avoiding the complications you may have with unsecured downloads, remember to activate the option of unknown sources so that the mobile device can work with the application.