Google Might Sue YouTube Downloading Sites

The Internet leader threatened to sue websites that offer download and video music to mp3 downloads from their Youtube platform.

Google, which was once accused of copyright infringement, warned the administration of the website that it would adopt legal measures against it if it does not stop offering a service that allows you to download music from the Youtube links, Which violates the rules of using the video hosting API.

Lately many apps for android and iOS have come up which let you download music from YouTube. I assume Google will soon target such apps as well. Peggo android app and others are growing over the period of time.

youtube downloading sites

According to the lawyer of the company, said service violates the rules of the utilization of the video hosting API because it allows downloading music without paying the holder of the rights. The service developers, for their part, deny that they violate the rules of use of Youtube.

At the moment Google has banned access to and has informed similar services that it will proceed in the same way. Google justifies the measure by the numerous complaints of rights holders, which endangers the development of video hosting.

Source: Silent America